The State-of-the-Art Facility at Vamas Agro Limited produces Unsurpassed Rice Quality.
We have the Ideal Location for Supply Chain Acceleration.
Our Modern Automation Technology ensures that your orders arrive as specified on time, every time!
We can bag long or medium grain rice with a specific broken content into your private label.
We provide complete control from Milling to Tilling.
We offer fully-equipped Rough Rice grading Scale House to ensure you receive only top quality!
Our Team has years of experience milling rice for breweries, cereal companies, re-packers and food processors. Our staff has a deep knowledge of quality control and numerous food manufacturing certification standards.


We ensure that what we supply is the best quality. We perform a quality test and make sure that it is better than the rest of the products available in the market. Our products are also quite affordable than the rest.

TO KNOW SOIL PRODUCTIVITY / GEO FERTILIZER Soil, when you got down to it, it’s the basic essential of every farming operation. Without healthy soil, your farm is going to struggle to produce at a level you need to reach your business goals and achieve success. As advance in Agriculture have continued, farmers have been able to get the most out of soil productivity by increasing its fertility in a number of ways. But what are we talking about when we discuss soil productivity? Here is an overview of soil and soil productivity basics that both farmers and investors should know WHAT IS SOIL PRODUCTIVITY? First, it’s important to share that soil productivity is not just something farmers are concerned with, there are others, such as those in the forest industry, are concern with preserving and improving soil productivity. That’s because soil Productivity according to the AGRO VAMAS RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT TEAM, influence what types of plants can grow on any given pieces of land and how well those plants can grow. Good productivity helps ensure the vegetation that is wanted on that land can regenerate, survive and grow in the long-term. .Read more..
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Vamas Agro & Processing Company Limited mission is to provide innovative agricultural practices by leveraging on emerging technologies to foster sustainable agriculture and increase food production in Africa.

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VAMAS AGRO LIMITED Vision: To be the foremost agric-tech platform where people can invest in productive agric products to increase local food production, support farmers and get returns on their investment and boosting food security across Africa.

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Honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned

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